Elite dating tips

It seems very easy only from the first glance, but online dating is not a simple thing, so we're now working on a blog that will include some useful advice.

It's safe

We ensure your security and privacy. We use industry-best solutions for payment gateways, virus scanning, and other services that make the whole system bulletproof.

Customer support

Customer support line of EliteDatingClub is UK-based and is available round-the-clock. Please be sure to contact us and you will receive a fast response.

Free to join

Yes, you've read it right. We don't charge for registration. Moreover, many features of the site, like search, are available for free!

Why is this site so special?

We agree that there are lots of websites on the Internet. But all of them seem to be very general don't you think? We've created a closed community of attractive and successful people. All profiles here get verified and checked before actually gone live, moreover, we remove scammers before they even think to send a message.

Is it limited to rich people only?

Of course not. Just because the term 'rich' is very relative and everyone understands it his own way. Putting that apart, it's not the goal of the site. What we can say for sure is that men here are supposed to be successful and women are supposed to be attractive. Anything above is welcome. The site is also a great resource for finding sugardaddies and sugarbabes.

What should you do?

In order to start you will have to fill-in a simple sign up for, and click that nice-looking red button. That's it. Once done, you can start searching for a match nearby according to your interests and own preferences. What is even more, we will find single members of our site for you! The system will scan the whole database of members and show you what it thinks will be the perfect match in your case. So, as we use to say, welcome to the Club!

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